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Lotto NZ’s purpose is to provide safe gaming that allows New Zealanders to play and win while contributing money back to New Zealand communities. Below is a selection of print and digital work.

Instore POS one
Instore A1 POS

Instant Kiwi scratchie tickets

Fathers Day Ticket 2022
Mother's day scratchie ticket
Father's Day Ticket creative

Father's Day Instant Kiwi Scratchie

Scratchie Christmas Ticket design

Christmas Instant Kiwi Scratchie

Mother's day scratchie ticket

Mother's Day Instant Kiwi Scratchie

Keno New York national campaign - creative concepts

Keno NY Campaign creative concepts

Keno Great Green Giveaway nationwide campaign - creative 

Lotto Keno Great Green Giveaway creative

Video cut-downs for social media

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